SGI VizServer

  • eic has hardware graphics board to use prepost, you can graphical login by using SGI VizServer.

Install VizServer client

  • Please install client software on your PC or workstation to use VizServer.
  • We support Linux,Windows,MacOS X for clients, This instruction is for Windows. (Installing to other OS is on following manual.

1. Get client software from following directory.

  • /opt/local/download/vizserver/
  • Download your platform version.
    Linux(64bit、RedHat6, over6)/opt/local/download/vizserver/linux/nice-dcv-endstation-portable-2013.0-9318.tar.gz
    MacOS X/opt/local/download/vizserver/macosx/nice-dcv-endstation-2013.0-9318.dmg

2. Double-click installer(Windows),start installation.

Boot VizServer server

1. Login to eic, input password for VizServer(This is only for the first time)

 eic:~> vncpasswd
 Password:(input your password as you like)
 Verify:(input same again)

2.Before you boot new VizServer, check running vizserver.

 eic:~> ps -f | grep Xvnc 
 user      161609      1  0 10:39 pts/22   00:00:01 /etc/vnc/Xvnc-core :1

You can use running vizserver, or stop it and restart.

 eic:~> vizkill :1
 eic:~> ps -f | grep Xvnc 
 user      198335 162415  0 10:55 pts/22   00:00:00 grep Xvnc

3. Boot VizServer, use vizserver command.

 eic:~> vizserver
 VNC(R) Server Visualization Edition VE4.6.3 (r99394)
 Built on Nov  8 2012 16:40:29
 Copyright (C) 2002-2012 RealVNC Ltd.
 VNC is a registered trademark of RealVNC Ltd. in the U.S. and in other
 See http://www.realvnc.com for information on VNC.
 For third party acknowledgements see:
 Running applications in /etc/vnc/xstartup
 VNC Server signature: 21-36-80-7d-9e-f6-6c-25
 Log file is /root/.vnc/eic:2.log
 New desktop is eic:2 (

default resolution is 1200 x 800. If you'd like to define other resolution, run

 vncserver -UserPasswdVerifier=vncAuth -depth 24 -geometry 1280x800

define your resolution instead of 1200x800

eic:2 is VizServer screen number, remember it.

Boot VizServer client

  • Boot VNC viewer on your PC. Re-login if viewer doesn't boot.
  • input eic:2 on window, click "Connect"(eic:2 is VizServer screen number)

    • (Input eic.eri.u-tokyo.ac.jp:2 outside eri-domain.)
  • input your eic account name and vnc password.
  • eic's desktop appears on VNC windows.

Finish VizServer

 eic:~> vizkill :2

(:2 is VizServer number.) or

 eic:~> vncserver -kill :2

※VizServer is limited, please finish VizServer when you will not use for a while.

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