• MATLAB is avilable on eic and eic00~eic05.
  • Login eic by using VizServer, run matlab
    eic~ > matlab
  • TSS is limited for 1CPU hour on eic, use eic00~eic05 if you will run matlab for a long time.


  • Mathematica is avilable on eic00~eic05.
    eic00~ > mathematica


  • AVS is avilable on eic00~eic05. Login eic0x, run following command.
    eic01~ > express -mavs

3D AVS Player

  • This is AVS Viewer, copy /opt/local/download/3DAVS/3DAVSPlayer_linux64_el6.tgz to your home directory.
    eic~ > cp /opt/local/download/3DAVS/3DAVSPlayer_linux64_el6.tgz .
    eic~ > tar xfz 3DAVSPlayer_linux64_el6.tgz
  • enter 3DAVSPlayer directory, run 3davs.sh.
    eic~ > cd 3DAVSPlayer
    eic~ > ./3davs.sh
    • Help:<inst dir>/runtime/Linux/index.html


  • Please set environment when you use OpenFOAM
  • if your login shell is sh,bash
    eic~ > . /home/app/OpenFOAM/setup.sh
  • if your login shell is csh,tcsh
    eic~ > source /home/app/OpenFOAM/setup.csh

PETSc Library

  • Please set environment when you use PETSc library.
    eic~ > module load petsc


  • Please set environment when you use Matplotlib or Numpy on eic. (But you don't have to do it on eic00-eic05)
    eic~ > module load python

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